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Christmas parties, and volunteers helping the children make beautiful crafts
and donate proceeds to those who have less than we do,
and to help raise funds towards saving our own home.

The talents and support of our many loving volunteers
inspire and uplift our children!

Volunteers from Shinhan Bank, 2017

It is with heart-felt appreciation that respected management from Shinhan Bank is recognized!
For the past six years, they have participated and encouraged workers at Shinhan Bank to reach out to our children, with not only smiles, snacks and fun times every weekend but also generous support for higher education, furthering opportunity to become successful members of society. Thoughtful gifts benefiting the children such as water purifier, microwave oven and television sets have given children access to updated technologies as well as helping create a more efficient and healthy environment.

Well-said by Sr. Margaret: "Long live the Shinhan Bank! May God bless them one and all!"

Volunteers from Shinhan Bank, 2015

Children enjoying their Saturday activity with the kind and generous staff of Shinhan Bank who donate
time to enrich the children. They are making book marks and cards and little boxes to put in chocolates.
These things all went to Spain with our Sisters to be put in a sale held in Las Palmas, Tenerifd on our behalf.
They kindly held a campaign during the month of December and collected about 10000 euros! We are very thankful.





Children bringing special outings
and smiles to lovely elderly ladies!

Volunteers from Australia, 2014

Sponsors and friends of Regina Pacis who reside in Bombay are often quite involved with girls in the Boarding. These wonderful people share their talents and kindness in all sorts of ways. Some examples are tutoring, helping with special events, playing games with the children, and providing outings such as to a movie or lunch or even bowling.

Visiting at Regina Pacis and with the children is an experience and a priviledge not to be missed: if you travel to Bombay or are living there, take the opportunity to visit Regina Pacis!

In 1998, 1999 and 2000 the Change A Life Program was blessed with the involvement of two extraordinary people, Cindy Wagner and Jan Jensen. These two people, american and british, living temporarily in Bombay, spent many hours of hard work to enhance the monitary sponsorship portion of the Change A Life program by including fun and new activities highlighting interaction among sponsors and all the children in the boarding, sponsored or not. The events for 1999 are summarized below and include photos at the very bottom of this page.
Other sponsors also took the helm: who can forget the birthday party arranged by Sam and Glenna Pace for all the girls? whew! Never to be forgotten.

While activities were intended to enrich the girls' lives and provide them with great memories, and the activities indeed accomplished that, it was the sponsors whose lives were changed by these simple but heart-felt interactions: the girls have lasting memories of great events but it was the sponsors whose lives were permanently enriched by experiencing the differences in culture and the immeasurable kindness, sharing, joy, smiles and goodness shown by these young girls and the Sisters who care for them.

Would you like to sponsor an activity for these young girls? There are numerous possibilities!
Email CAL@TheWorldNow.com for some no-obligation suggestions.

16 DECEMBER, 1999   Christmas Party
The Regina Pacis Christmas Party on December 16 was a lot of fun. Santa (Michael Wagner did it this year - his son did it last year - I guess it is Cindy's turn next year!) made a special appearance to hand out Christmas stockings and dance with the girls, games were played, songs were sung, and a wonderful performance by the girls took place. A memorable event as always!

5 DECEMBER, 1999   Birthday Party
Sponsors Sam and Glenna Pace threw an awesome "american houstan-style" birthday party for every girl in the boarding! Complete with cake and ice cream, balloons, clowns, magician, celebrations, lots of music and lots of dancing, a Dahler Mendi look-alike (or was it really him...), games and presents. Five year old Pooja said it best in her thank-you letter, "that was the happiest moment of my life!"

13 OCTOBER, 1999   Bowling
Ten girls with nowhere to go over the Diwali holidays were taken bowling at Buddies, downtown Mumbai. With personal coaching from Buddies staff, the girls quickly caught on to this new game and had a blast. In their second game, spares and strikes were not uncommon and scores neared 100. It was also fun to watch the bowling pins dangle from their strings like puppets...a new concept for even the most experienced bowler.

3 OCTOBER, 1999   Sponsor Day
Another incredible event! This special event for sponsors and their sponsored children was a huge success. Sister Margaret (principal), Sister Teresa (in charge of the girls in boarding), Sister Nirmala (in charge of the domestics), the music teacher and over 120 girls hosted and thoroughly entertained about 30 sponsor-guests.

Domestic workers were also having their annual dance celebration at the school so the courtyard was already full of colorful saris, circle-dancing and happy singing. I think the sponsors would have even been happy watching that all night!

The three Sisters above gave a tour of the facilities and answered questions. Every room was spotless, especially the kitchen...sponsors were informed that all the girls in the boarding are responsible for their own cleaning. Considering there are 120 girls, this was very impressive how responsible the girls are.

Girls of all ages then put on a special show of Indian dance, singing, and reading. Sponsors were spell-bound by the smiles and talent of the older girls on the stage and tried not to giggle at the antics of the younger girls.

After the break for cookies and drinks, Sister Margaret started an "ice breaker" game. The idea was to play the game for a bit and move on to another game. But! everyone was having such a great time that no one wanted to be "out" and the game went on and on with over 120 girls and 30 Sponsors running around and Sister Margaret trying to shout directions! The Sponsors were a bit dazed by all the screams of delight and hand-holding of the girls, but by the time the end came and the closing circle song was sang, every one begrudgingly left with excited smiles on their faces and wanting to return soon.

The girls taught sponsors their closing circle song. The words are:
Bind us together Lord
Bind us together
with cord that can't be broken,
Bind us together Lord
Bind us together,
Bind us together with love.

4th July and 15th August, 1999   Movies in the Afternoon
The July 4th movie, 101 Dalmations, was made especially exciting with a surprise visit by Melanie Murray's large, loveable dog, Major. It was quite a new experience for both the girls and Major. To witness faces filled with fear of a large beast turn into faces of delight at a soft, cuddly dog is truely amazing.

After watching the movie Little Mermaid on August 15th, everyone relocated to the courtyard to blow bubbles. With screams and squeals of delight, the air quickly filled with hundreds of multi-colored bubbles floating up and out of sight. Music then started to play and sponsors were invited to join in and learn a few new steps of Indian dancing. Perhaps it was the loud music, but Jan Jenson, one of the sponsors, took the liberty of teaching the girls how to dance in "snake" formation and proceeded to form a dancing snake that wound in and out of classrooms and the courtyard. While it appeared to all be in chaos, Sister Margaret was seen running around with a smile of her face saying "this is fantastic!"  Those last couple of sentences provided by editor.


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