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Webpage Editor’s Note: When reading the case histories below, please keep in mind
these case histories reflect the natural living circumstances of all impoverished children and families around the world
who come from far villages in search of food and work, surviving on streets or in slums with complete absence
of sanitation, health care, running water, food safety, etc. and highly prone to related health issues.
Of additional concern for these families and young female children is the issue of safety from undesirables
also living and thriving in those areas.

On the bright side, the opportunity for these children to experience safety and quality of life in a supportive educational environment is one the most valuable treasures and life-changing experiences on their personal journey to excellence. You can make that journey happen for them.

Case history of Khushbu Nadar (9) and her sister Sugandi Nadar (6):

Khushbu is 9 years old presently studying in STD III Hindi medium, in a Government School. Her younger sister Sugandi is 6 years old,
studying in STD II Hindi medium in the same school. Their father was an alcoholic and used to harass the family. Her mother
could not bear the torture; she took the children and ran away to her mother’s house. Ever since then for five years she has no news
of her husband. The grandfather worked and looked after the family. They are a joint family. Khushbu has three aunts who live
together with their families in the same house. They have similar problems. After her grandfather’s death the family faced financial
problems and then Khushbu’s mother and the grandmother started working as domestic workers and they look after the entire family.
Our own Sister Jiwanty of Regina Pacis has visited this family. They live in an area called Mankurd, in a “Zopadpati” (hut). The area
is severely impoverished and unsafe for growing children. There have been some cases of rape in the area. Women and young girls
cannot walk all alone because of the cases of eve teasing and bad words used by the boys in the locality. So Khushbu’s mother and
the grandmother are afraid to keep the children at home. They have requested us to admit both the children to the boarding. Since
they have studied in the Hindi medium, they will be admitted to STD I of the night school.

Case history of Komal Poojary (12):

Komal is 12 years old, studying in STD IV. She was in the boarding at St. Catherine of Siena at the area called Bandra for 7 years.
Now she has to leave that boarding because the school to which the girls go has up to STD IV only.
Eight years ago her father who was an alcoholic died of a tumor in the brain. After a year her mother (Nisha) too died of T.B.
When she lost both her parents Komal was only 4 years old. Since then her aunt Lata (Nisha’s sister) is taking care of her.
Her aunt is suffering from kidney failure and has trouble with her eyesight. The church St. Catherine of Siena will sponsor her educational expenses.
Lata’s son (Komal’s cousin) drives a private car and supports the family financially. They live in a slum at Panvel. It is almost a
two hour journey from Panvel to Byculla. Our own Sister Jiwanty has visited their house. They are very poor and simple but they
manage to live from day to day. Her aunt has a great desire that Komal should study well and do well in the future, knowing that
with her illness she will not be able to help her for very long. She has prepared all the necessary documents for her admission.
The girl looks happy, she is loved and cared for by her aunt. Her report shows that she is good at her studies, at singing,
dancing, painting and in football. She will be admitted to STD V of the night school.

Case History of Muskan Khan (10):

Muskan is 10 years old, studying in STD II at our own Regina Pacis, Convent Night school. She was born on the foot path [sidewalk].
She lives with her mother opposite the Byculla Railway Station on the foot path [sidewalk]. They do not have any other home.
[They used to live in a rented room but] Her father died nine years ago, then the family was thrown out of their rented room and
the mother did not have a job or any money so that they landed on the foot path [sidewalk]. Her mother Nazma is illiterate.
Now she is working as a domestic worker and earns Rs.2,500/- [40USD] per month. I have visited their foot path home, sat and ate with them,
just to make them feel happy. Her mother says that Muskan has a friend, a stray dog. She feeds him so that the dog watches over her
and goes where ever she goes. The family looks happy, neat and clean, which amazes me. Muskan has an older sister who is 17years old.
This girl lives at her mother’s employer’s house as her mother is afraid to keep her on the foot path for obvious reasons. Now the mother
is saving money to get her married and thus settle her safely for life The mother is also afraid for Muskan’s safety. This is the reason
why she desires to have her admitted to our boarding. She wants her to study well and come up in life. To live a good life and
become someone in the world.