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A sincere "Thank You!" to our dear friends, sponsors, benefactors and well-wishers
for all your help and collaboration in making our lives happy
and helping us to gain an education
that will help us lead fruitful lives!
children of Regina Pacis
happy children with happy volunteers and benefactors from Shinhan Bank

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from Sr. Margaret Fernandes, Principal, Regina Pacis School

Change A Life Update 2017

Dear Friends, Benefactors, and all Well-Wishers,

Here we are again after a long gap to share with you some of our activities with the children of our Home.

In the first place, we deeply regret to tell you that we have had to drastically reduce the number of children from 100 to 66. As we will soon be a licensed Institution we will have to follow the regulations laid down by the Women and Child care Body with regard to the admission of what they deem needy children. We will not be able to admit freely the children whom we deem needy according to our charismatic identity.

However, whatever the restrictions, the children under our care will continue to enjoy the benefits of a charism that caters to the integral development of the child. As always, the emphasis is on the human, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional development and an effort to bring out the full potential of the child in order to prepare her for a fruitful life in society.

This year, as in the past six years, the Shinhan Bank has been one of our regular benefactors. Once a month, on a Saturday, a group of their staff have spent the morning with the children organizing and participating in developmental and fun activities where it is evident that both the children and the adults have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The Bank has continued to give a very substantial scholarship to those who have finished their secondary education successfully in order to enable them to continue with a university education. Last, but not least, on each visiting Saturday the members of the staff have brought us a huge box of biscuits which served for mid morning or tea time snacks throughout the month. On the 1st of July, 2017, we look forward to a visit from the General Manager and staff who have announced a splendid gift of a television set for the children, a microwave oven, and a water purifier. Long live the Shinhan bank! May God bless them one and all!

One of the notable activities this past year was a poster competition where the participants painted a poster to accompany a quotable quote (photos attached). The posters were so detailed and creative that we laminated them and then sold them in our parlor for Rs100 /- each this money was given to the artists as their pocket money. The idea was to encourage the children in their talents to make them aware that their God–given talents could be a source of income, and lead them in the direction of diversified careers.

talented children create beautiful artwork

Most of our children have done well in the final exams. Some of them have had to have remedial classes and then a re-exam. A few of them have severe learning disabilities and need special educators but these are not easy to come by. We do our best.

We thank every one of you, once again, for your support!

Yours lovingly,
Margaret Mary Fernandes r.m.i.

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