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The organization began in 1951 as the St. Vicenta Maria Home for Destitute Girls and has since grown into Regina Pacis, one of the largest places of hope for the futures of underprivileged young girls in Mumbai.

It is run by the Congregation of the Religious of Mary Immaculate which was founded by St.Vicenta Maria in 1876 in Spain. Her dream was to reach out to needy young girls, and Regina Pacis continues this dream to hundreds of girls in India in a very special way. Its aim is not only to give these young girls a loving home, but also a second chance to constitute their academic careers and to give them a well rounded formation so they can grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and socially.

Regina Pacis has open arms for all castes and beliefs. Above all, the organization pays special attention to quality and responsibility: the girls are taught to take responsibility for ensuring that discipline, cleanliness, information and education are well maintained in their schools.

There is a strong focus on leadership skills so they learn to cope with making decisions and working with people. There is also strong emphasis on morals: Religion classes for Christians, and Moral Science classes for other faiths, where values such as truth, honesty, hard work, equality, and friendliness are taught in appropriate ways, encouraged and allowed to prosper.

Regina Pacis today is comprised of (1) the Vincenta Maria Home which provides a home for almost 200 girls, called "boarders," ages seven to twenty+, where they can be loved and cared for and helped to grow up as contributing and proud citizens, (2) accredited Day Primary School and Secondary High School for the children in the Vincenta Maria Home as well as for several hundred other children in the community, (3) accredited Night School which caters to girls needing special attention in their grade and girls working by day such as in factories or as domestic workers, and (4) Hostel providing clean and structured housing for working young women struggling to make ends meet.

The staff at Regina Pacis consists of qualified teachers, a clerk, a librarian, and helpers which are dedicated, hard working, enthusiastic and very alert to the children’s needs. This team contributes immensely towards the development of mind, heart and body. There are regular meetings in which new ideas, developments, opinions and feelings are shared. The ideas are evaluated for incorporation into the curriculum which in turn helps make a positive environment and enriches the students.

It's come a long way since 1951, no?



Regina Pacis
Front of Regina Pacis with some of the schoolgirls chatting outside.


Change A Life Educational Sponsorship Program


Change A Life Educational Sponsorship Program


Change A Life Educational Sponsorship Program


Change A Life Educational Sponsorship Program


Change A Life Educational Sponsorship Program
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