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Wheel of Knowledge

The McDowall Zack life-long approach
and learning reference
for playing piano

Supports student exploration
and interpretation

® McDowall Zack Piano Series

Successful method
to become independant
readers of piano music

Organized into
progressive sections

Each section of the wheel
defined by clear and attainable
learning objectives

Note-reading using
G clef and F clef
and the musical alphabet

Weaves knowledge with
keyboard exercises and melodies
designed to support note-reading

Reference Section contains the summary
of main concepts found throughout the book

Repertoire Section contains all
keyboard exercises and melodies
found throughout the book
and additional challenging pieces

This method is intended for all ages
with concepts to be applied
in the way most beneficial to the student
and supported by additional repertoire as suits

Happy Mastering !

McDowall Zack Piano Method Series
McDowall Zack Piano Method Series
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