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www.TheWorldNow.com makes personal charitable donations as indicated when Travel Digests are added online. www.TheWorldNow.com feels strongly that acts of charity should be promoted and encouraged for the sake of humanity and will do so at the sole discretion of www.TheWorldNow.com. No receipts or proof of donation will be provided to Travel Digest submitters: donations are made by TheWorldNow in good faith. www.TheWorldNow.com is not affiliated with any specific charitable organization nor religous institution.


While www.TheWorldNow.com does not usually find it necessary to do so, www.TheWorldNow.com reserves the complete right to change, alter, delete, copy or anything else to the design of, and text and photos submitted for, its homepages, Travel Digests, Travel Notes, Front Page News or anything else submitted to www.TheWorldNow.com, without prior notice or approval from submitting Parties.

www.TheWorldNow.com makes it a personal responsibility to try and update information as soon as humanly possible.

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www.TheWorldNow.com reserves the right to refuse or delete or terminate free homepages, travel notes, travel digests, new news or photos whenever or however www.TheWorldNow.com determines it necessary to do so.

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www.TheWorldNow.com reserves the right to reduce file sizes of photos as necessary for space considerations. Reduction of photo file size can reduce the quality of the photo. Files submitted to theworldnow will not be returned.

Free homepages are allowed one page of reasonable size, as determined solely by theworldnow, including photos. If more space is desired for a homepage, for example an extra page to accomodate more photos, www.TheWorldNow.com would be happy to consider accommodation for a minimal fee.

www.TheWorldNow.com reserves the right to change, alter, delete or add RRR without prior notice.