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Accuracy of the information below requires that your computer's time matches its time zone setting.
For example, if your computer is set for Norway time, its time zone should also be set for Norway.
If you don't know your computer's time and time zone settings, the chart below should tell you (most browers).

~Thanks for your input - may you find your city below and may the clock work with your browser~


(A) Local Time

Present local time in major cities around the world.

(B) Local Dates

Local date compared with GMT.
The present GMT Date is:

(C) GMT Difference

Hours difference from GMT.
Present GMT Time is:

(D) City Names


  (A)       (B) (C)    (D)     * = positioned in daylight savings time
-10  Honolulu
+05   Islamabad, Karachi
+05.5    Bombay, Calcutta, New Delhi
+05.75  Katmandu
+06   Dhaka, Thimbu
+07   Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta, PhnomPenh
+08   Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Perth, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei

  The data above is pretty darned accurate if your computer's time setting is accurate for its time zone setting.
Refer to a more official source if you require critically accurate data. DIRECTORY, OUTREACH, MEMBERS World Travel:     Quick Jump Specific Country       Scroll All Countries
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