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CAL1 Educational Sponsorship for Young Girls in India       CAL2 Returning Dignity to Young Women in India

CAL3 Africa: Educational Sponsorship for Girls and Women

CAL3 Afrique: Parrainage pour l'éducation des jeunes filles et des femmes


Sr. Margaret Fernandes to London
1998 was India, birth year of the Change A Life Program.
2006 was Africa, birth year of the Change A Life Program extention to Bobo, Africa.
2013 Sr. Margaret Correa is being relocated to London. What will this lead to next?

"I returned to Africa from my trip to India. I await my journey to London. On arrival to Bobo, Rosario came to pick me up. I was in for a pleasant surprise. All the girls of the Centre& of the hostel were standing in two lines to welcome me. I was touched. The dog and cat recognized me at once. The cat follows me wherever I go. I miss India but life has to go on. All the memories of the past 3 months keep crowding my mind…"

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In 1998 we started the Change A Life Educational Sponsorship Program CAL1 for girls in India.

In 2006 these pages followed Sr. Margaret Correa to Africa - CAL3 Africa -
as the leader of the Center for Promotion of Young Women in Bobo, Africa.

We invite you to read and learn from Sr. Margaret's experiences
and hope you are inspired to help, learn more or hop on a plane to visit!


  * 100% of your donations apply to education and skill training!
* 160 USD or equiv in the currency of your own country can provide a full year of educational support for one young woman

CLICK HERE   to learn more about the project!

Sr. Margaret Correa and Mother
sponsored children, girls and boys
Vincenta Maria Social Services Society
100% of your funds apply directly towards your donation.

Helping the less fortunate achieve personal greatness.

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